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Ghent Festivities: 10 days when the city goes wild

It was love at first sight between Happy Glass and the Ghent Festivities. This is a sparkling festival with numerous performances of various national and international artists: a unique event in Europe, thanks to the varied and free offer of (music) performances, (street)theatre, exhibitions, animation for children, fairs, parades and so much more.

Safety first at the Gentse Feesten with HappyGlass drinkware
Over a million people attend the Ghent Festivities every year: they drink all the beer the city has to offer, that means there is a lot of drinkware needed. Happy Glass produced the strongest glass of the Ghent Festivities: a fully customized beer glass from reusable co-polyester. 

It’s a free, open-air festival with lots of people walking around barefoot or in sandals. Ghent banned all glassware from the festival: It’s summer, it’s hot and we want to avoid injuries. But how to stand out from the crowd? Watch this video to find out!