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Safety First & No Wast of plastics please!

The Gentse Feesten register o total of apprx. 10.000.000 servings during the festivities! Lucky people who have visited Gent know that the Mid-Eval canals complete the perfect picture of this beautiful city. These canals and historic buildings are true assets to the city. 

Accidents with glass & Waste
The Gent city counsel is ofcourse proud of the 10 day festivities in their city. The downside, however, was a repetative one; every year there were accidents with pieces of broken glass. Plus legislation is banning outdoor festivities to use real glass. The counsel required a solution. 

The other issue the Gent cousel wanted to address was the envronmental polution in canals. Light weight plastic disposable cups are an easy target for the wind: taken by even an easy breeze, these cups are taken along, ending up in the canals.

How can we solve this? After HappyGlass was invited to think along we came up with dedicated design for famous Beer Brands as well as with products from our Premium Collection, put to work for restaurant owners serving all those drinks at squares and in the streets. OUr products appeared to become collector items! But problem solved: webcams filming the 12 Gent-squares registered the difference between HappyGlass squares and ones still using the plastic cups. You can imagine the difference. In waste, accidents, but also guests enjoyed their drink considerably more. HappyGlas materials tend to offer isolation value for a cold drink on a hot summer evening. This was an extra!